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Hard Work always pays Off


Im used one of the most technologic way to planing your running and sport plans, plus all the experience as a runner

Personal Trainer for Trail Runners

Im a qualified Australian Personal Trainer ready to help you to archieve your running goals

Running around the World

How to stay
healthy and happy

Tip about running and life experience


Weight Loss

Is important also do a indoor training plus sleep and eat properly. How many hour each week I can training at the gym and more.

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Is not just training, also the nutrition and the rest time is important for your performance and healthy live. A good day also can start some times with a nice breakfast another times better run empty


Share with your friends

Don't be lonely. We knows the Trail Run can be a very lonely sport but try to share also some moments with friends and have fun, don't worries just about your pace.

After 18 hours of running in the dark, finally crossing the line in 4 place. Ultra Trail Tai Mo Shan Hong Kong 2020

Hard work always
pays off

Freedom is happiness

I try to enjoy my life at  100% each day, because we never know when our time is out.