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Daniel Borquez, a carpenter by trade and passionate trail runner, was born in Coyhaique, Patagonia. Since he was a child, he showed a curious and hyperactive personality.
Always channeling that energy through sports, Daniel studied Physical Education for a while but finally obtained a degree in Health & Safety management. However, never quitting his passion for nature and sports, and after a brief affair with MTB, he fell in love with trail running.
In 2013 to fully immerse himself in trails, Daniel left Chile looking for new adventures. His trip took him to New Zealand, where he learned carpentry, and he found excellent conditions for trail running. Since then, Daniel has been living, working and running in the Australian and New Zealand circuit, as well as competing in South East Asia and Europe.

Daniel is currently working as a running coach and is studying at the College of Sport and Fitness, Sydney, Australia. He get the certificate III in Fitness and Studying to get the Certificate IV for to be a personal training.

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